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We realize there is a lot of content on this page. Some old fans have been wondering "What's new?" Others are saying "There's too much for one view! Where's the best stuff?" Well, it's all the best stuff sweety, but if you only have a few moments here's the cream of the new crop:

Gin Reviews – funny, smart, could save your life someday. Featuring new reviews. Each comes with an image of the person most likely to be found drinking that gin.

Neocon Bingo – Tired of the neocons? Try this. Refresh the bingo card and you'll get new images; if you have small resolution and the card doesn't fit adjust the bingo size and you'll get scrollbars.

Drinking in Champaign – I know more than a few of you have lived in/attended school in Champaign-Urbana. Erik Martin's bar guide is for you.

Monthly Contest – I expect you all to place a vote in the comments. I want voter turnout to be higher than the national election rates!

Music – we are finally reviewing albums. Soon, we will have enough albums reviewed to start getting free stuff from record companies.

We'll let you slide on just checking out these pages for the first viewing – but you'd better be back for everything else. Also updates.

Air America Radio

The new answer to conversative radio, Air America Radio, launches today at noon. Chicago listeners can pick it up at 950AM. It starts with Al Franken's midday show "The O' Franken Factor". New York Times:

Though people at the network can't quite believe he means it, Franken has decided to call his show "The O'Franken Factor" — "just to drive O'Reilly nuts; I'm hoping he sues me again."

Al is also supposed to put things in his "zero-spin zone." People who aren't near it's 5 initial markets or are and don't have a readio should be able to stream the broadcast online. (addition: i've been having problems with streaming from their webpage, so here's a list of links to pages that steam their content. Chuck D has a morning show, and Janeane Garofalo has an evening show. I'm really optimistic and worried about how this will go.

How did you manage to eat tacos or drink gin for two years without us?

This is Erik here welcoming you back to the internet's one true source for gin and taco related content. Life has been quite hectic around the corporate office located in sunny Grenada for the last two years. We refused to place anything onto this, the worlds finest site on the internet, that was not truly the paramount example of gin and taco related content. We would not settle for second best. In the world of gin and taco related websites we patently refuse to take the second seat. We owe that to you, our loyal audience- all four of you. Now, knowing us, as many of you do, you probably just assumed that we were procrastinating or were too concerned with eating tacos and drinking gin to inform the world about the latest happenings in gin and taco consumption. I am offended that the thought would even cross your mind. I would like to refer to this time not as procrastination, but rather the gaining of experience and a more profound “world view.

While you might have witnessed us drinking large quantities of alcoholic beverages or eating epic quantities of tacos in the last two years, we do not like to think of that as us shirking our responsibilities, but rather the persuit of knowledge and enlightenment. At the bottom of every shot, or within the remains of every taco wrapper there is wisdom waiting to be saved from the garbage. It is this very wisdom that strives to bring you each and every day.

A Brief History of

Mike here with good news: is back and online. Hopefully for good. This site was born out of my dad's basement at that start of a college winter break in december 1999. Ed, Erik and myself had already wasted a good part of the previous acedemic semester building and maintaining seperate student webpages (Erik's is still out there somewhere), so the idea that we would put together our minds to make one great page was an obvious one.

We initially tried to get "", but it was taken by some german folks. We really wanted to take "", but you needed some hefty credentials to register an education site ( is still available as far as I know – if any colleges would be willing to purchase it for us please email immediately). I don't know if Ed and I were eating tacos while thinking "what else could we use for a site name to go with gin?" (we almost certainly were), but the name came to us like a bolt of lightning.

It was an initial success. Ed provided the writing, I provided cheap flash applets, Erik Martin provided the Erik Martin. Sadly though, the demands of work and adult life weighed heavy over Faced with old content we put the site on hold with a "check back soon" sign. That was in April of 2002.

Since then everything and nothing has changed. This past December, the domain name lease expired, celebrating the 4th year birthday of and leaving the page lost for two weeks. It was then we realized a line in the sand had to be drawn – we had to bring the gin and the tacos back to the people, where they belonged. So here it is. An updated heroes and "little bitch" gallery should be up soon, more movie reviews, and all kinds of stuff in the next couple weeks. Keep checking in!