Is anyone else of the opinion that there's just a little bit too much male nudity in those Iraqi prisoner abuse photos? Honest to god, the next one I see that doesn't have a blurred-out penis in it will be the first. Repress much, boys?

Pvt Tommy: "Hey, let's beat some sand nigger ass!"
Lt. Dale: "Hooahh! These colors don't run! Let's do it!"
Pvt. Tommy: "Yeah! And let's……uh…..let's strip'em naked!"
Lt. Dale: "Yeah! Naked! For….um……extra security."
Pvt. Tommy: "Maybe to be extra-safe we should slather cocoa butter on all their hirsute, swarthy scrotums."

The idea that all of these pictures somehow involve inserting something into an anus or dog-piling naked men on top of one another isn't the product of stupidity (photographing it is, though). It speaks more to the overt top/bottom conquering-male homoeroticism that we, as a nation, choose to ignore when we're tying ribbons on trees and Supporting Our Troops.

The military's gay bashing always smacked a little too strongly of "The lady doth protest too much". As though collectively assailing homosexuality vehemently enough would cover up the games of "Rear Admiral" taking place in the group showers every night.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell indeed.

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  1. Dave Says:

    I just thought I should post some form of non-hostile response in this forum, before you get flamed by the three vaguely literate Republicans who don't believe computers to be powered by Devil worship.

    "Let's stack 'em in a huge nekkid pyramid! For… security… Yeah, that ought to do it."

    You've really got to hope that some of these photos turn out to be fakes. Surely no-one's dumb enough to take THAT MANY photos of flagrant human rights violations.

    In an interesting turn, the Mindless Republican Bigot (MRB from here on in) who sends me shit about "the fundamental goodness of the American troops" damn near every day, has stopped. Now MRB sends me advice on how to turn to Jesus in these "difficult times".

  2. Dave Says:

    I was looking bad at the 'Keepers at Home' woman, and noticed that Ed claimed I had failed to properly direct him to:

    This link definitely does something. And it's nothing good, I'll tell you now.

  3. Ed Says:


    Turn your speakers on.

  4. some dude Says:

    Yeah, either that or strip em naked and sexually humiliate them is part of torture 101. As is sleep and sensory deprivation.

  5. erik Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that someone is paying money to have hosted.

  6. Kendra Says:

    strip-and-humiliate is part of torture 101–as Ed mentioned, it's how some men (not all, some, I know, I know) demonstrate their power over women or men. Sexual assualt is a traditional component of military invasions/occupations, and although we usually just think of hetero rape, there's no reason the human rights violations in the photos wouldn't be an equally effective demoralizer; they're equally good at demonstrating power. Isn't that in line with the veiled justification we've been hearing since this first broke–the repeated, and culturally naive (=stereotypical), idea that people of the Middle East are going to understand a) violence and b) the conscious dismantling of someone's identity as a male better than other peoples?

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