Posted in Uncategorized on October 10th, 2004 by Ed

Over this past weekend, incurred the wrath of a special subset of the internet porn community – indescribably ugly illiterates who make a living by flashing their diseased snatches on webcams and begging for PayPal tips from obese, pathetic men who have never talked to a girl without first giving a credit card number.

What started out as Friday afternoon entertainment for the authors of this webpage became the sole purpose in life for some people who apparently have nothing at all to do with their time. Lacking both employment and interests aside from their delusional internet fantasy world, one of these individuals is apparently willing to dedicate her (by definition, infinite) free time to posting derivative, submoronic comments on our website.

Since we quickly grew bored of the original joke as well as the backlash, we have relocated the relevant posts in a separate page all their own. Beware – it features runaways who read at a 4th grade level sucking dick. You will also see a woman whose website consists of hundreds of pics of her diseased snatch and shapeless, pudgy ass but none of her face. Enter at your own risk.

If you're an obese man who has been re-directed here because they have linked their "fans" here, DO NOT MASTURBATE while looking at To repeat, the terms of service of this website explicitly require pants to be worn at all times.

The Camwhore Wars.