Go after the advertisers!

Posted in Uncategorized on October 12th, 2004 by Mike

First off, if your mind is still thinking in terms of "u r a fagorz" from all the comments left by camwhores/camwhore-well-wishers visiting our page, I'd recommend taking the quick Economist Style Quiz to cleanse off the verbal palette. Though I must admit, I keep rephrasing those questions in terms of what has been discussed (which is more correct: "the man paypaled for boob shoots" or "the boob shots were paypaled by the man"?)

Anyway, I'm sure you've heard: Sinclair Broadcast Group has ordered its 62 stations to air an Anti-Kerry film without commercials in prime time next week, just two weeks before the Nov. 2 election. There are many articles on the subject on the net, so I won't bother summarizing the issue.

The good news is that there's a very simple way to fight it, and it allows you to be a dick over the phone (always a plus).

Here is a list of Sinclair Broadcast advertisers

The database is sorted both nationally and by market. It also contains a list of their phone numbers, emails and mailing addresses. Many of the advertisers in small markets are local restaurants and car dealerships. These businesses want to run their store and do not want to cause trouble. They hate things that rock the boat, and are more than willing to jump ship if there is trouble. From that page's main blog protest calls only took a few hours to get a car dealership to pull it's money. Dailykos is also reporting similar efforts has gotten Sylvan learning centers to pull ad money.

Call one in your area (Champaign has a market), and say, in the nicest tone that you can (remember that the person answering the phones is not the heart of the right wing conspiracy) that you won't support their business while they advertise on Sinclair due to this Anti-Kerry film. This ad money is a HUGE deal for these small markets. Ginandtacos.com knows firsthand the power of advertisers in getting content pulled. Now you can too.