On Erik Martin's entry dated June 17th, we received the following comment, from an intellectual giant claiming the name "You Gays Suck Balls":

This website is gay as hell. none of you queers know a damn thing about anything cept fudgepacking. DIE fags.. ohhh and i hate NIGGERS

Five months ago we introduced our viewers to the magical world of unemployed, semi-literate girls who are too ugly to be strippers and thus become webcam prostitutes. In those five months, ginandtacos assumed that the principals involved in that expose on idiocy would have found something better to do. Ginandtacos was wrong. As Robert Duvall qua Tom Hagen once said, these girls have no families (and certainly no paid employment). It is like they never existed.

In closing, then, click this link to direct your ideas about this brilliant comment to "CJ" over at shykiss.com. And while you're at it, be sure to ask if whatever venereal disease was so clearly evident in the thousands of pictures of her crotch (yet not one of her face….HMMM) has cleared up. Ginandtacos is always mindful of the health of those who occupy the bottom 5% of the social ladder, without whom our orders could not be incorrectly taken at Taco Bell drive-thrus.

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  1. J. Dryden Says:

    I'm sure what the big deal is. Me, I'd be honored to know that Rick Santorum was visiting my website!