In case anyone was wondering, the miracle of the IP address reveals that the comments about how America isn't even remotely racist on today's post got to this website via an old picture of Pat Buchanan I'm hosting which is linked on the "NEW YORK WHITE PRIDE" blogspot page.

Ha ha! Ha. Ha. Oh man. Good times.

Well, I'm happy with that explanation. I was starting to think my regular readers suddenly turned into a bunch of backward, cousin-fucking racists. Fortunately the backward, cousin-fucking racists are a merely visitors. The bridge between our worlds is temporary and they will soon go back to tending their meth labs.


The wars on terrorism, poverty, and drugs might not be going well, but the War on Black People is going gangbusters. Oh, wait. The War on Drugs is the War on Black People. So I guess it's going well.

Remember all those ridiculous tabloid-y news stories about the "Barbie Bandits?" The cheerful blondes who robbed a Bank of America in Georgia? Everyone involved has been convicted and sentenced. Try matching the roles of the four participants to the four sentences distributed by the justice system:

1. Person who actually robbed the bank #1
2. Person who actually robbed the bank #2
3. Police-alleged "mastermind" of the crime
4. Bank teller working with robbers

A. 10 years of probation, no prison
B. 8 years of probation, 2 years of prison
C. 10 years in prison
D. Plea bargain for 5 years in prison

Give up? Well they're in the right order, silly! Now guess which ones are white women and which ones are black males. Those are also in the right order! Ha ha!

Yeah, first white girl who robbed the bank got two years in the can (of course, she'll serve about 6 months) while the second got no prison time at all. The two (big, scary, dark) "masterminds" of the crime….well, they'll be going away for a while.

God, why are black people so angry? Why don't they like the police? I just don't get it. Slavery ended 150 years ago.