Allow me to momentarily use the powerful bully pulpit of Gin and Tacos to self-promote on behalf of my other pursuits.

I'm in a band called Tremendous Fucking. We appeal mostly to people who like early Jesus Lizard, NoMeansNo, Light of the Sun-era Trenchmouth, and getting punched in the head. Probably doesn't describe you very well, does it? We are a letter-perfect response to a question no one asked. Nonetheless, we have a strange habit of making people experience enjoyment when they see us play or listen to our music. "This is not what I normally listen to, but I really enjoyed it anyway" is a common reaction.

Of course I'm leading up to the hard sell. Our new CD More Blood in the Monitors , recorded by Mike "Corn Dog" Bridavsky (the non-union Mexican equivalent of Steve Albini) and mastered by Bob Weston, hit the world last weekend. You should buy one (bottom of the page, item Step026). It is also on iTunes (or will be any minute now, according to Apple) if you prefer that route. A few tracks are available as a preview via MySpace.

I realize it is not our shared musical taste that brings you to this website, but the band and I have spent the better part of a year and several thousand dollars on this endeavor so I'd be derelict if I didn't try pushing it. It's also one of the few things I've ever done of which I am proud. Without qualification. If you're curious, I play the drums, sing a very little bit of backup, and concoct ridiculous song titles.