What does John McCain's dick taste like?

I don't know, ask Chris Matthews (or Brian Williams, or any other anchor who makes the joke work for you).

As we get deeper into this election it is becoming increasingly obvious that we are wasting a whole lot of time, money, and energy. If the media's behavior for the past three months continues for the next six, then the election is going to be a foregone conclusion. The status quo – every single word Obama says, every person he's ever met in his life, and every square inch of his past is put under a microscope and blasted with both barrels while McCain parades around in a halo – means that the outcome in November is predetermined.

As you try to restrain yourself from killing someone the next time you hear the phrase "Reverend Wright," just try to imagine what the media would be doing to the Democratic candidates if they had John McCain's 2008. Imagine what they'd do to Obama if he said he didn't know dick about the economy. Imagine what Hannity would say about Clinton if she didn't know the difference between Sunni and Shia, Iran and Iraq. Imagine the temperature of the coals over which they'd be raked if they blathered on about fighting the influence of lobbyists while being one of the biggest hookers in Washington.

People essentially receive no information about the election that doesn't come from the media. If they persist in the pattern of giving overwhelming skepticism and scrutiny to one party while responding to the other with slack-jawed credulity and stenography, I am more than dubious that average voters will take it upon themselves to ask skeptical questions and research the answers.