I love several things. Among them are Cold War-era cultural artifacts and Engrish. Stilted, hilarious Engrish. I wondered if I would ever find anything that combines the two.

God heard my prayers and delivered some serious Soviet camp. Check out this amazing 1970 brochure from Aeroflot Soviet Airlines. It features not only that soaring propaganda rhetoric that only true commies could master but also some awkwardly translated Russian-turned-Engrish. The kind of Engrish we thought only our friends in Asia could deliver in VCR manuals:

This is the building of Moscow in-town air terminal. Let's make an excursion to it. First we'll inform you of the dimensions of it. The building is about 300 meters long and 40m wide. It is full of light, spacious and cozy.

Wait, I also promised some overblown rhetoric:

The entire Soviet people display unprecedented labour enthusiasm when they celebrate Lenin's birth centenary. And the many-thousand-strong collective of Soviet civil airmen is marking this glorious jubilee with new labour achievements.

Need a flight to Africa to visit the nutty 1970s dictator of your choice? Well don't worry, because "The network of Aeroflot routes to Africa is very ramified."