While I'm on record downplaying the electoral significance of the VP, what the hell is Obama thinking with Joe Biden? I understand that the campaign is hoping to benefit from Biden's foreign policy clout. But what percentage of voters can actually make that connection? I think a response like this is more likely:

  • 2% of Americans who regularly watch the Sunday Morning Shows and read the non-sports section of the New York Times: "Ah, that's smart. Biden adds much needed aggressiveness and foreign policy expertise to a young campaign."
  • Remaining 98% of Americans: "Who the fuck is Joe Biden?"

    Name recognition and popularity should not be the overriding concern, but Biden's low profile makes it dubious that the strategic advantage he is expected to bring will materialize. It beats Evan Bayh, though. Remember what happened the last time that party used the VP slot as a way to appease "moderates?"