Unsubstantiated but circumstantially-damning rumor time. Being a graduate of one of those high schools where "mono" was code for "I got knocked up" I do find it extremely curious that Palin's 16 year-old daughter just happened to miss the last five months of school before Baby I'm So Pro-Life I Birthed a Tard was born. It's a time-honored tradition among the upper classes.

Ignore the photo "evidence" and pay attention to Sarah's claimed timeline: her water breaks in Dallas, she gives a speech afterward, gets on a commercial flight for 12 hours (not telling anyone she was in labor, and none of the flight crew noticed?), drove 90 minutes to the rural Alaska hospital that agreed to fake the birth certificate provided the finest medical care, and then went back to work 2 days later.

Wow. She must be SuperWoman. Twelve hours in a plane after going into labor (at age 44) seems like quite a feat. Especially without showing any signs that she was in labor! Which is unsurprising since she never showed any signs of being pregnant.

I smell the GOP's Tom Eagleton brewing…