And the conservative firing squad shoulders its rifles and prepares to fire.

Former White House aid Peter Wehner insists that the ideology never fails but is often failed. "The GOP is in bad shape. Conservatism is not."

Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO dares us to "Blame Palin at (our) Own Risk." She somewhat delusionally notes that "without her, all may have been lost for the Republicans weeks ago" in bold defiance of reality. Perhaps she missed the part where McCain threatened to inch ahead of Obama after the convention, and then Palin opened her mouth and turned the ticket into a joke.

Who would have thought that Victoria Jackson is mentally retarded.

A Canadian comedy duo crank called Sarah Palin and managed to convince her that she was speaking to Nicolas Sarkozy. Recording to be released immediately before the election for maximum damage, I'm sure.

John Ridley makes an excellent argument about how Palin could have been the GOP's Obama if, like the Democrat, she had been slowly introduced to the public over a four-year period rather than being taken from the shithouse to the penthouse in 12 hours.