Obscure race to watch: if Christopher Shays loses his House seat in Connecticut, there will not be a single Republican in the House from any of the six states in New England (VT, NH, ME, CT, RI, MA) barring a huge upset in another race.

We may not be in for as long of a night as you think. Indiana and Virginia have the first poll-close time and the results should be fully reported by 10 (barring an unforseen delay) with no paper ballots involved. Sure, it's only two states. But trust me – if McCain loses Indiana and/or Virginia, he's fucked.


It took me about 45 seconds to vote. Good thing everybody freaked out and waited in line for 3 hours to vote early. Really cleared things out for me.

I am going to post an election chat-style thread. Too lazy to set it up as an actual chat, but if anyone wants to make this your election night HQ I'll be thrilled to use the thread comments as a faux-chat.


It's been an insane 11 month ride and now there is nothing left to say or do. There is not another dollar to be spent, ad to air, or door upon which to knock. The time for debate and persuasion is over.

The frustrating part about elections is that so little of what happens is within our control. We are one in two hundred million. The outcome isn't up to us, it's up to everyone else. Astronaut Ken Mattingly described a similar feeling about his role in the Apollo program while narrating the amazing documentary For All Mankind:

This thing is too big for…hell, I don't even understand it. I'm not sure anyone understands the whole thing. All I can control is my part. I understand what I'm supposed to do, and (the copilot) understands what he needs to do. We are all counting on one another to do our jobs. All these other people are counting on me. You tell yourself that if it fails, it won't fail because of me. It won't fail because of me.

All you control is your own participation. It's a small part to play, but it's all you have. You can make sure that if your candidate fails, it wasn't because of you.

I voted with a very unhealthy mindset today. I am motivated mostly by anger and revenge. With no malice toward any specific person, and certainly not my right-leaning friends and family, I set out to inflict pain on every candidate with "Republican" after his or her name. This is not fair. There are perfectly competent Republican elected officials here in Monroe County and I had no good cause to vote against them.

Unfortunately for them and the concept of fairness, I do not give a shit. This was my tiny effort at payback. Payback for eight years of being called a traitor, having my political ideology used as an epithet, and seeing the bullying stupidity of the talk radio hordes. Payback for purged voter rolls, rigged voting machines, a bureaucracy and judiciary stuffed with sub-moronic partisan hacks, and a national political discourse eminating from the White House at approximately a fourth-grade level. Payback for the "permanent Republican majority" that guided our leaders' strategy in 2004. Payback for all the war dead, the deceit, the lies, and the trillions in debt that eight years of Republicanism wrought.

This is not an election as much as an emotional release. Some people down the ticket will inevitably be affected. Sorry. You are not George W. Bush, but you gave us George W. Bush. Quit whining and accept responsibility for your party and its choices.