Ed needs a little bit of an election week wind-down, so while there will be some real content today and this weekend, right now let's commend Hank Williams Jr. for slipping us a roofie, holding us down, and forcibly penetrating our ears with his "McCain-Palin Tradition" song. And possibly his penis.

If you need a 90-second version of what is wrong with the GOP, this is it. Whether or not your eardrums can handle the nails-on-chalkboard sound coming from the speakers, read the lyrics. It is as if a team of WWE personalities set out to write a foreword to Michelle Malkin's new book, to be read aloud backed by a jug band. Did anyone else laugh a million black-hearted laughs at Hank II as he performed at McCain's "Victory Party" on election night? Nothing like being the entertainment at a funeral.

Could right wing America possibly crank out anything more difficult to listen to? Yes. Yes they can. They can make things so bad that they cannot be understood in our lifetime.