So I will soon be launching a second website,, after regular reader Evan called my bluff and registered the domain as a gift (at least I think it was, inasmuch as he did not demand sexual favors or money in return). I am loosely planning the site with a running "FJM" format to be updated with each newspaper column or cable news network appearance by the titular neocon. I would also like to devote some time to going through Billy's back catalog / greatest hits to highlight and showcase his stunning record of accuracy.

My long-term goal is to be unsuccessfully sued by Bill Kristol. Alright, kidding aside, it's a risk-free endeavor. He's a public figure and the site will make it abundantly clear that it is not a website authored or condoned by Mr. Kristol. The satire will be obvious. I have zero intention of passing it off as his blog.

Since I already spend far more time on ginandtacos than I should at the expense of my "paying" career (if it can be so called), I am looking for one or more people to chip in with BKnet. Now a lot of you are probably thinking "Hey, I hate Bill Kristol! Count me in!" This is appreciated. However, this does require a tiny bit of committment, i.e. a willingness to pay attention to Mr. Kristol's output and post somewhat regularly – not daily, but at least weekly. It also requires you to be funny and sort of a dick. Nothing kills a blog faster than long stretches of silence, and having four "authors" with only one person posting isn't much better.

There is unlikely to be any sort of reward for your labor beyond the smug satisfaction of being a dick to the king of smug satisfaction. If any of this sounds appealing, let me know.