I strongly recommend reading comments on columns. Anything about teh gays brings out the real comedy gold. To wit:

Along with many others, I've blacklisted Hollywood! No more movies, concerts, talk shows, etc. Reading is truly a wonderful thing. For news, I turn on FOX NEWS, or check out the Drudge report. I have blocked CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS and ABC from my TV because I don't feel safe listening to them. I sincerely believe that, if there was an imminent threat to the US that didn't bode well for Mr. Obama, none of the above stations would report it. I've lost that much faith.
As for the Prop 8, I've about had it! I've watched violent, childish, pathetic behavior from the Gays and Lesbians. They've lost me as a supporter for many reasons. If they want 'Unions'…let them have 'Unions'. But, I am now questioning their ability to raise children, given their behavior during the past month.

I used to get angry at this kind of cretin, but now it's simply funny. I feel like Woody Harrelson in No Country for Old Men, calmly asking them if they have any idea how insane they are.