I had about 70% of a post ready for today but I'm completely spent. I have no emotional energy left of any kind. My reaction calls to mind the words JFK used to describe a stubbed toe – you realize you're too big to cry but it hurts too much to laugh. will award a certified check of $1,000 to anyone who can provide an explanation for why Kurt Warner threw that ball on the last play of the 1st half. There were 500 things the Cardinals could have done and only 1 that they couldn't do – throw a slant that someone could step in front of and run 100 yards the other way. Anything else would have sufficed. Anything. An incomplete pass. A holding penalty. Fumbling the snap and falling on it. Warner being struck by a meteor. Anything except what he did. The second half of the game, for all the excitement at the end, consisted of nothing more than trying to make up for that error.

Pittsburgh fans are louts, only marginally better than Eagles fans, who are only marginally better than Yankee fans, who are only marginally better than rectal cancer.