Posted in Quick Hits on August 10th, 2009 by Ed

Grad school orientation: "OK, seriously people, don't fuck the undergrads. Come on. Just don't."

New faculty orientation: "Remember grad school orientation? When we told you not to fuck the undergrads? You probably didn't listen. But now, seriously people, don't fuck the undergrads."


Posted in Quick Hits on August 10th, 2009 by Ed

1:40 in the AM, nothing is unpacked, and I just spent two addled hours finishing a syllabus after 6 hours shopping for furniture. My capabilities are limited at the moment, so:

1. Mike brought this really sad and pathetic interview with Alberto Gonzales, late of one of the most powerful offices in the world and now a lecturer…at Texas Tech. It is notable for containing, in less compact form, the following exchange:

"What about all the ethics investigations?"

"They all determined that I did nothing wrong."

"But what about the ongoing ones?"

"I can't comment on that."

I can think of nothing to better summarize him as a person and as a public servant.

2. Atlanta is not an example of poor urban planning. It is the complete absence of urban planning, a nearly Los Angeles-like monument to letting the Invisible Hand of the Market serve as urban planner which sprawls idiotically across the landscape and is forced into remedying its sprawl with a seemingly endless array of concrete ribbons carrying seven lanes of traffic in each direction (and yet still bumper-to-bumper 90% of the time).