Late Tuesday evening nominal GOP Chair Michael Steele made the following statement when it became apparent that Bob McConnell would defeat Democrat Creigh Deeds in the Virginia Governor's race:

"(McDonnell's projected victory) is a blow to President Obama and the Democrat Party. It sends a clear signal that voters have had enough of the president's liberal agenda."

This statement reflects Mr. Steele's penchant for understatement. His modesty rounds off some of the sharp edges, but with all due respect there is no point in sugar coating things: from the President's perspective, this is the single greatest defeat in the history of electoral politics. Possibly in the history of the world.

You think this is a mere off-year gubernatorial race. That is because you are a rank amateur in the ways of politics, an idiot, and probably a rapist. When a heavily favored Republican defeats an unknown Democrat for the highest office in America's 12th largest state, a state in which GOP Presidential candidates won every election between 1964 and 2008, it is a sign. It is a clear indicator to all who choose to recognize it that the Democratic Party is, for all intents and purposes, finished. If they choose not to formally disband for shame, a la Mulroney's Tory Party in Canada in 1993, they will be little more than a zombie shuffling aimlessly across the political landscape, its diseased shell poorly covering a rotten core.

To attempt to rally and fight another day is futile for the Democrats. It will embarrass us all to watch them try. When the British huddled on the shores or Normandy in 1940, looking pathetic and waiting in a downpour for ships to ferry them across the Channel with their tails tucked between their legs, the hope that they would return even stronger to crush the Nazi menace was the silver lining. But there is no silver lining here. It's over. The Democrats can no more expect to put up a fight in 2010 than your local high school football squad could expect to beat the New England Patriots.

The choice for the Democrats is not victory or defeat; it is a choice between dignity and humiliation. If they prefer former, President Obama should resign by the end of the week, leaving Joe Biden in a caretaker role until after the 2010 elections – at which point there will be a GOP majority on the order of 98-2 and Biden can safely resign and turn the presidency over to Senate President Pro Tempore Richard Lugar. All incumbent Congressional Democrats should meet on the Capitol steps and commit seppuku tomorrow morning to preserve their Honor. But we know this won't happen; Libtards have no concept of dignity. They will futilely fight on until they are utterly destroyed. It will happen a year from this date.

In a few years the Democratic Party will be remembered no differently, and no more fondly, than the Continental Congress, the League of Nations, or the Washington Senators. It was a good 190 year run, but it ends here. Crushed beneath the weight of a Muslim foreigner president and his neo-Marxist taxes-and-abortion agenda. We have democratic institutions for a reason, and they have spoken. Vox populi has handed down a verdict of the Democratic Party, and that verdict is: Guilty. Guilty of sucking.