Posted in Quick Hits on October 1st, 2010 by Ed

NPF is canceled. Because of this. You must watch this. Must. Andrew Shirvell, the man behind this controversy (the video also provides some background) made the remarkably brilliant decision to give an interview to Anderson Cooper. I think he makes a great impression!

The important thing that we learn from this video is that Andrew Shirvell is not in the least bit gay. He is not gay like a Mardi Gras parade or a french horn solo or a meadow in springtime. The odds of him being arrested in an airport bathroom whilst servicing a transvestite are zero. It could never happen because he is not gay. His obsession with young, popular, successful, and handsome 21 year old gay man Chris Armstrong stems from his deep moral convictions and not from a latent desire to engage in sexual activities with other men.

I cannot be any clearer or more emphatic about the fact that Andrew Shirvell is not gay. Furthermore, Shirvell has convinced me that it is well within his 1st Amendment rights to do creepy shit like show up at Chris Armstrong's house, stalk his friends, or follow him around in public with a video camera. So feel free to let Andrew Shirvell (who is not gay) know how much you support his 1st Amendment rights as a private citizen who is not gay.

CHARLOTTE, MI 48813-1352
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Comments on this post must all emphasize that Mr. Shirvell is utterly and indisputably not gay or they will be deleted. Commenters will be banned for suggesting that Andrew Shirvell is gay because he is not.