Two things. Two things that prove that the Teabagger movement is essentially daring people to vote for them. Not asking, not persuading, but extending their middle finger to say "Come on, do it. We dare you."

1. This:

Shorter: "I am fucking insane. Do you have the balls to vote for someone who is as obviously insane as me? I bet you don't. Pussy. But you're kinda curious about what would happen if I won, aren't you?"

2. Teabagland has found a new enemy, one that is sure to win them a whole new realm of supporters: legislation aimed at shutting down puppy mills. That's right, their "big gub'mint" paranoia is so extreme that they are opposed to a ballot measure to shut down puppy mills. They are anti-anti-puppy mill. This is the political platform of Skeletor.

(A)ccording to the Alliance For Truth, the main force behind the anti-Prop B movement, there is something much more nefarious afoot (er, apaw) in the HSUS measure. The Alliance For Truth claims that the HSUS has a "radical agenda" and is "misleading the public with its intentions on Prop B. The society seeks only to raise the cost of breeding dogs, making it ever-more difficult for middle-class American families to be dog-owners."

Anita Andrews from Alliance For Truth told TPM that it's a "deceptive, lying bill" that is "trying to purposefully get rid of the breeders." The state of Missouri, she said, has been given a bad rap as "the puppy mill capitol" of the U.S. but "in truth we have the best ribbon breeders in the country." And, Andrews said, the state already has anti-cruelty laws on the books.

"They don't like animals," she said of the Humane Society of the United States.

I give up on trying to figure out if this movement is real or an elaborate Joaquin Phoenix-style joke.