This will be somewhat brief, but things are going to get epic Wednesday.

I am not the least bit sure how to feel about this:

This was an online poll conducted by, home of intellectual heavyweights like Erick Erickson, on the 2012 GOP nomination. Ignore the results, which are beyond meaningless for a "poll" lacking even the pretense of random sampling (note that talk radio hack Herman Cain managed to goad a good number of listeners into participating). Just forget all of that for a moment and focus on a more basic issue: have you ever seen a bigger collection of retreads, stiffs, and losers in your life?

Part of me thinks this is a blessing and the other half is flat-out terrified that we will be saddled with one of these dipshits as our next president.

It is quite plausible that this could turn into another Sharron Angle / Christine O'Donnell situation in which the GOP primaries turn out the one and only candidate that Obama can defeat. Yes, he has a lot of problems right now, but as elections like 2004 and 1996 have taught us, unpopularity isn't enough to guarantee the defeat of an incumbent president. The other side still has to come up with a half-decent candidate. The only ones here who look like they could pose a serious threat are the ones with no chance of making it out of the primaries. Let's be honest: that Haley Barbour is a legitimate candidate shows you how hard up the GOP is for a candidate. From this perspective, inasmuch as Obama has been pathetic but is preferable to the alternatives, we should be thrilled that their field is so poor.

On the other hand, what if they win anyway? What if a large portion of the people who turned out in 2008 to cast a vote for ol' BO register their disgust by staying home? What if Teabaggin' continues to fascinate the media disproportionately? What if, as the American public is wont to do, voters just fall for a big line of crap from a moron with a good marketing team? Well, then we're stuck with another empty suit who hands the keys to the country over to Wall Street and basically spends four years on vacation or entertaining him/herself with the endless wars.

Oh, wait.