So I started to work through the year-end tradition that is naming the Ginandtacos.com Cocksucker of the Year and…frankly, I didn't have it in me last night. It felt like covering a lot of ground that I've covered quite thoroughly over the last 12 months. In general, 2010 was a pretty lousy year. Everything that happened in Washington was disappointing. Our political discourse defied expectations and got even dumber. Our economic problems worsened. I could throw a dart at a list of 100 different national media and political figures and name any one of them the CotY with equal justification.

It is rare that I get overwhelmed by the negative, but right now I am. Did anything good happen this year? Is there anything we can point to and say "Hey, look! A sign that things are getting better!"? In general I am feeling pretty low about the fact that these typical year-end rituals – reflecting on the last 12 months and looking forward to the next 12 – seem to be a fairly dismal routine. We look back at the previous year and say, "Boy, that sure sucked. Let's hope the next 12 are better!" and then 12 months from now we say the exact same thing.

It would be nice to break that cycle, but I feel like we'd have to do quite a bit of grasping at straws to re-imagine 2010 as a good year.