Isn't science great? It's out there every day finding ways to cure diseases, feed the hungry, help the environment, and make the inconveniences of modern life a little less inconvenient. Without the scientific advances of the last century our average lifespan would be 25 years shorter and mankind would still be spending the vast majority of its human capital trying not to starve to death every winter. Every day the billions of dollars funneled into scientific research and development yield new rewards to humanity.

New Mexico State University's chili breeding program has created a new "extra large, medium hot jalapeno pepper precisely optimized for jalapeno poppers." The NuMex Jalmundo will change the menus at bowling alleys forever.

The peppers, created at NMSU's Chile Pepper Institute, are a hybrid of bell pepper and jalapeno. The bell pepper provided a larger interior cavity, perfect for stuffing with cheese and then frying. The Jalmundo has a heat level of 17,000 Scoville Heat Units, about double the average jalapeno pepper, but still well below the 1,359,000 of the Naga Viper.

As for the name, Paul Bosland — the co-founder of the nonprofit Chile Pepper Institute — explained…the name Jalmundo is a contraction of jalapeno and the Spanish word for world (mundo), implying that it is as big as the world.

Well, now that we've settled that…