Kinda taking a personal day today, but seriously, check this shit out. Watching all 9 minutes might be unnecessary, but make sure you get the Beck clips:

Partial transcript:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Now, catch Glenn Beckon Tuesday night, this diatribe about the Caliphate. He starts talking about ancient Babylon. See if you can follow this. I did. Let`s listen.


GLENN BECK, HOST, FOX NEWS "GLENN BECK": Iraq is really important, especially to the Shi`ites, especially to the 12ers who are in charge of this country right now because what is in Iraq? There`s one place that we told our bombers not to bomb. Does anybody know what it was? Two wars in Iraq, we said, No bombing there. Ancient Babylon. Ancient Babylon. Why? Because the Bible tells us that that is the seat right here of power of a global evil empire. Well, that`s also where the 12th imam from Iran is supposedly going to show up! Everybody on this side wants ancient Babylon for their caliphate!


MATTHEWS: You know, before we go any further, I have rarely heard anything like this on television in my life, but the — well, let me just ask our guests. Eric, the — what is he saying about the decision by our bombing fleet, our bombers, those who are directed and their civilians who control our military under both Bushes, President Bush, Herbert Walker, and then, of course, George W. Bush — that they somehow decided, as part of some global caliphate they`re envisioning and hoping to move along — they told our bombing people when they put these sorties together, Don`t hit ancient Babylon because that`s going to be the center of evil —


MATTHEWS: — the power — it`s going to be the seat right there of power of a global evil empire. He (INAUDIBLE) are the Bushes involved — what in hell is this man talking about?


GLENN BECK: I want the left to know I plant my flag in this soil. Groups from the hard-core socialist and communist left and extreme Islam will work together, because they are both a common enemy of Israel and the Jew.

Islam wants a caliphate. Communists wants a communist new world order. They will work together and they will destabilize, because they both want chaos.


MATTHEWS: Gene Robinson.

ROBINSON: It — this makes absolutely no sense on any level. It makes no sense on any level.

MATTHEWS: Where this Communist Party meeting these days?

ROBINSON: Well, don`t you know how —


ROBINSON: — the communists and the Islamists have always worked together? Except the fact that they`re always trying to kill each other.

MATTHEWS: And the socialists, too.


MATTHEWS: You know who hates — you know who hates — who hates the socialists the most? The communists.


MATTHEWS: Doesn`t this guy have any sense of history?


MATTHEWS: And socialists were a big part of building the modern Israel. What is he talking about?


ROBINSON: This is the stuff normally you would prescribe medication.

They make an excellent point throughout the broadcast by pointing out the golden rule of being a wacky Bircher / truther / Alex Jones type conspiracy peddler: once you find yourself in the hole you've dug, there's nothing to do but keep digging.