I was half-tempted to skip NPF and eulogize Andrew Breitbart, but instead let's do A Little Politics Friday: here's a link to Andrew Breitbart's FJMing from 2008. That was back when he was merely dumb. It took him a few years to work up to being a malignant tumor on our public discourse.

And I'm sorry to be hitting you with all of these random links on Fridays, but HOLY BALLS THE BULGARIANS BUILT A GODDAMN JAMES BOND VILLAIN LAIR ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN back during the Cold War.

Check out this site for a photo tour of the property. Usually I find blogs full of "Hey look, an abandoned building!" pictures somewhat trite, but this is no ordinary abandoned building and the photographer relays some interesting history behind it too. It's like a flying saucer / monument and it's covered with Communist-era frescoes. Someone graffiti-ed the entrance with the phrase (in English, curiously) "Forget Your Past." Not a chance, buddy. This is the kind of thing that needs to be remembered.

Oh, and incidentally, do any other fans of modern architecture note more than a passing resemblance to Oscar Niemayer's Congresso Nacional building in Brasilia?

Maybe "resemblance" is the wrong term, but there is clearly some shared stylistic DNA there.