Several things, and quickly.

1. I just drove 24 combined hours (12 Sunday, 12 Tuesday) and looked at 10 rental units in my new hometown in between. Under the circumstances, please excuse the lack of updates – although, trust me, I felt guilty not finding the time Monday night.

2. I am now home for about 20 minutes on this Tuesday afternoon before I get in a van for the inaugural HACKS Comedy summer tour. This likely means more gaps in posting, although I am going to take advantage of the nearly 10 years' worth of archives here to entertain you with links to the past. This site has a ton of readers now, many of whom are recent fans who may not have been around for some of my favorite older posts. Lazy? Practical? Both. Also, here are some tour dates; come out and say hello if you're in the area:

06/12/12 – Tue – Auburn, AL – Bellwether Variety Show
06/14/12 – Thur – Asheville, NC – Slice of Life GA Showcase
06/15/12 – Fri – Louisville, KY – Young, Dumb, and Full of Comedy (Bard's Town theater, 9:30)
06/17/12 – Sun – Indianapolis, IN – The Sinking Ship, 9:30
06/18/12 – Mon – Cincinnati, OH – Baba Budan's, 8 PM
06/19/12 – Tues – Chattanooga, TN – JJ's All-You-Can-Eat Comedy Buffet (with Nikki Glaser, Joel Ruiz, and more)

3. The Gin and Tacos facebook page is a good place to acquire two-sentence bursts of sarcasm even when I am too busy to write a proper post.

4. It was brought to my attention, justifiably, that I have been slacking lately. Not merely in quantity but, in my view, in quality as well. I have been lazy about citing sources, fact-checking, and developing arguments as well as I prefer to over the past couple of months. For the first time I have had trouble devoting as much time as I would like to this endeavor. The more I spend my evenings doing comedy, my days scrambling up the academic ladder, and generally attempting to have a social life, the more I have to write these posts in one burst that amounts to "Here's some stuff, and here's what I think about it." I'm also trying to write a book, which requires a good deal of research that benefits neither my professional nor blog-fessional lives. In short, I am probably trying to do way too many things at once, which is usually the amount of things I am trying to do at any given moment. In the next few weeks I am moving and starting a new job in a new city where I know exactly no one, so rest assured that I will be back to not having any life outside of Gin and Tacos soon.