Immediately after announcing my intention to dip into the archives on account of my schedule this week, CNN provided me with the headline, "Air Force Osprey crashes at Florida base."

The very first Ginandtacos piece that ever received a large number of hits – and, not coincidentally, the first ever linked from Crooks & Liars – was about the $20,000,000,000+ Osprey boondoggle program and the aircraft's lamentable habit of plummeting from the sky. In hindsight, I can see that the combination of references to Transformers and Ministry made it work.

Little has changed, obviously, and the military remains saddled with an inferior, dangerous symbol of the overwhelming influence of military contractors on the DoD's decision-making and Congressional appropriations. Congress is bought off easily and, shockingly enough, people at the bottom of the ladder – in this case, enlisted men and women – end up paying the price. Stop me if you've heard this one before.