The time has come for changes here at Gin and Tacos, a subsidiary of Nordyne Defense Dynamics. To accompany the relocation of the world headquarters from the South to the Midwest, the Board of Directors feels that it is time to freshen up the image of its signature blog. After debating several ideas for radical change – switching to an all-mime video blogging format, replacing NPF with "Hardcore Pornography Thursday", shifting our primary focus to Perfect Strangers slash fiction – cooler heads prevailed and it was decided that the status quo would be maintained for content but the content delivery needed a makeover.

Now it's time for a little market research. What suggestions do you, the loyal consumer, have for us? Are there particular features you'd like to see added to the site? Glitches in need of fixing? Layout/readability issues that bother you? A few issues are already well known to the higher-ups: comments get cut off with some regularity, and we will add threaded comments to facilitate bickering with bb responding directly to previous comments. We are also aware of issues with the current background at higher screen resolutions and with certain browsers. So those problems will be addressed. Any suggestions (about design and layout, not content) you wish to offer here will be taken seriously and subjected to due diligence.

Like all grotesquely large corporations, Nordyne has decided to outsource the job of Gin and Tacos Webmaster to an outside contractor. Do you think that might be you? Are you man/woman enough to fill that important role, probably for little to no compensation? Do you want your creative stamp to imprint upon this website and resonate with visitors for years to come?

It has been about four full years since the Big Redesign (from the old "green gin bottle" background and Moveable Type to the current Soviet propaganda/WordPress motif) and we believe that it is high time for the next step in the visual evolution of the internet's premiere source of politics, random information, and jokes about pant-shitting.


Armand B. Ginandtacos IV
CEO and Potentate
Nordyne Defense Dynamics