I do "here's a bunch of links"-type posts rarely – the last one was months ago, and before that in February and January– usually due to time constraints but also because I collect entertaining things I want to share but don't have a ton to say about. Sometimes I have to admit defeat and say, OK, here's a thing. Just enjoy it.

1. For those of us who are 12 years old mentally, enjoy this compendium of vintage comic panels that are unintentionally perverted. The 1950s really were a more innocent time, weren't they? "Boner" had a lot more non-penile uses back then.

On a side note, I read Archie comics religiously as a child (and I flipped out if my dad dared to leave the grocery store without one) despite the fact that they were never, ever funny. Never. To this day I don't understand it.

2. Here is a LiveJournal (side note: LiveJournal still exists, apparently) of vintage "cutaway" drawings of industrial and commercial buildings. It's difficult to describe, but trust me on their level of awesomeness. It's similar to those panels in superhero comics detailing the underground lair of the villain. How can you resist titles like "How a Modern Hotel Operates", "How a Modern Brewery Works", and "How Ice Cream is Made"? You can't.

3. Amidst all the talk about NASA over the past two weeks, here is a free downloadable eBook about the one topic that seems to fascinate all of us regardless of age: space food. Those guys in Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo must have lost a lot of weight in space.

Damn. Now I wish I had some astronaut ice cream.