I have become a much calmer person over the years. Nonetheless, the next time I hear the phrase "fiscal cliff" someone is going to need a doctor to remove my foot from their ass.

What great drama, right? A looming deadline! Partisan conflict! Battles of wills! High stakes! Yes, it promises to be every bit as exciting as that threatened government shutdown in Fall 2011, or any other Obama-vs-GOP Congress face-off. Boy I sure hope the two (equally weighted) sides can find "common ground" leading to "compromise." I wonder if a Gang of ____ "moderates" can guarantee us the most watered-down version of whatever actions are decided upon? Will the entire debate continue to take place in the framework of the unquestioned assumption that you and I need to "sacrifice" (or perhaps tighten our belts?) to pay for the money our government showers upon the military, financial sector, and highest income earners? Don't worry, I'm sure the Gang of Number will see to it that symbolic but meaningless tax increases are included to prove that we're sharing the pain.

Gosh, the whole thing is almost exciting enough to make me not give a single shit and hope that you will be kind enough to wake me when it's over.