The election already seems like a distant memory, and thankfully so. The flow of media postmortems has slowed to a trickle. Within that once-mighty flow, however, I missed a shining diamond in the Washington PostCharles Krauthammer's take on what the GOP needs to change to be successful going forward. Here's a hint: nothing. It doesn't need to change anything. Well just one thing, I guess:

For the party in general, however, the problem is hardly structural. It requires but a single policy change: Border fence plus amnesty. Yes, amnesty. Use the word.

That takes care of the Hispanic vote! Problem solved. Electoral success guaranteed.

Republicans lost the election not because they advanced a bad argument but because they advanced a good argument not well enough. Romney ran a solid campaign, but he is by nature a Northeastern moderate.

Spoken like a man who is wrong about everything. He's also pretty excited about the next generation of GOP celebrities:

Behind him, the party has an extraordinarily strong bench. In Congress — Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, (the incoming) Ted Cruz and others. And the governors — Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Nikki Haley, plus former governor Jeb Bush and the soon-retiring Mitch Daniels.

It's not merely strong; it's extraordinarily strong.

I didn't even have the heart to give this the full FJM, as it's 4 weeks old and monumentally stupid. Read it all yourself if you dare, and Republicans, take comfort in this 70 year old white guy's prognostication. Everything's fine.