I guess we shouldn't ask questions like, "I wonder how far House Republicans will go to avoid voting for token, largely symbolic tax increases on people making over $1,000,000 annually" unless we're prepared for the answer. The crazy, crazy answer.

It was fun to watch Lindsey Graham forced to eat a pile of his own dung on Sunday morning, no matter how sarcastic his "Hats off to the President. He won." might have been. I guess that makes him smarter than Boehner's Commandos, who do not appear to have figured it out yet.

Are these people terrible at politics or secretly brilliant? By setting this deadline after which many unpalatable consequences will happen – tax hikes, draconian spending cuts, etc. – you'd think they'd realize that under no circumstances could they "win" politically by forcing that outcome. And with the other two parts of the process controlled by the other party, they're kinda bent over. Then again, it could be an excess of political cunning that brought them here; I'm sure there are plenty of House Republicans sleeping poorly tonight knowing how the primary challengers will line up the second they vote for anything with the word "taxes" in it. The pant-shitter caucus of the GOP is going to draw and quarter these guys, no matter how many excuses they make.

That could bode well for the Democrats in the short term, as we've seen the stellar track record in general elections of the Tea Party-backed primary challengers who unseat Republican incumbents. Maybe Sharron Angle will give it another go.