I have to put myself on Injured Reserve for the evening; I worked for about 12 hours on Sunday (woo! Spring Breaaaaaaaak!) and my eyes cannot handle the additional hour it would take to make a proper post. You will have to do most of the heavy lifting today.

A friend of mine went to Steubenville this weekend to see the verdict (I don't think terms like "verdict" and "guilty" apply to juvenile court, but for simplicity's sake we should feel free to use them). I suspect that she went prepared to flip out over the two accused boys being let off with a slap on the wrist. Shockingly, they appear to have received an actual punishment. Foremost, even more serious than the time they will spend incarcerated, is that they are registered sex offenders for life. Good. For reference, people who do not wish to be registered sex offenders can follow the easy step of not committing sex crimes.

How screwed up is it that the verdict still surprised a lot of us, given that there was an absolute mountain of evidence against them?

In case you missed it, CNN was pretty broken up about those poor boys and the verdict against them. While I doubt any of us want to have the rest of our lives defined by the worst decision we made at age 16, the media might bother to remember that the "real victim" is the victim and the brazenness of everyone involved in committing this crime is shocking enough to preclude sympathy.