When I first moved to the middle of Illinois in August I told myself that it might not be terribly appealing but at least I would live near my sister (with her three adorable children) and my best friend (in my old grad school town). Then they both moved as far away as possible, on opposite coasts. You know, in the parts of the country that aren't awful and sad. Anyway, the most adorable members of my family tree are leaving for Portland, OR on Friday, which has kept me inordinately busy with box-packing and child-hugging. And then there was also the crucial matter of hockey-watching on Wednesday evening. Hawks win! Hawks win!

I'm serious. They won that game twice.

Here is a neat little video mashup you can forward to your right-wing friends the next time they try to tell you that Fox News is a real news network. Tesla Motors, maker of electric cars, has been a Murdoch Corp whipping boy for several years, due in large part to the government loan they received. Then the company repaid the loan and its stock shot through the roof after its first major product appeared to be a sales success. This video compiles all of the "before" clips harping on Tesla for sucking the taxpayers' teat while hawking a product that won't work, and follows with "after" clips in which Fox anchors mysteriously forget the whole "government loan" angle while talking about the company's apparent success.

Fox News has gone from something that I couldn't bear to watch to a craving that I develop if I miss it for more than a few days. It's hard to put into words the number of levels on which I enjoy this horseshit. They're not even trying to act like a real news network, and yet the majority of their viewers think they are one.