Two quick anecdotes:

1. One of my friends has been highly visible in the local news coverage of the Texas abortion bill protests. Predictably, this has resulted in strangers sending her messages ranging from supportive to…less supportive. Here's one she shared with her friends:

I support the bill. The only time I support abortion is in case if incest, rape or the mother's life is in danger. For those women who goes out have sex knowing that there's a possibility that they might end of pregnant, they should not be allowed to have an abortion, period. If possible, could you please stay off television? Being fat, you are really nauseating to look at.

Priscilla Reyes
West El Paso, TX

Can't really criticize an unknown woman on the internet without making some sort of crack about her appearance, right? That happens to all of the fat, jowly men that find their way onto the news too, right?

2. Or if that's too hard you can always just call her a whore!