You know those nightmare Labor Day traffic quagmires? They're the understandable consequence of half the country loading up the Land Barge with children and coolers to head on down to Lake Fingerbang for a few days. The highway system can only handle so much capacity, after all.

Don't worry, though: in as little as ten years depending on where you live, you can experience the boredom and frustration of standstill Labor Day traffic every single day! Yes, the highway corridors between a number of major cities will see a constant level of overcrowding similar to what we experience now only on major travel holidays, according to the US Travel Association.

But relax. We can still fly! Except that we'll long since maxed out the capacity of most major metropolitan airports since air traffic is predicted to double by 2030.

We can't build any trains, though. Because, like, one time there was a train crash and people died. We'll stick with uncrashable forms of transit like cars and planes.