Since our entire country has been on this Randian-Libertarian-Nihilist streak for the recent past and foreseeable future, I have a question about something that has been bothering me: why do these Objectivist-Superman-Job Creator types oppose inheritance taxes? In fact, why do they believe in inheritance of assets at all? I mean, if every man should have to make it in the world on his own mettle without outside interference, then the children of the rich should have to hack it without a financial booster seat. Furthermore, since they're so qualified to succeed in life of their own accord, they should have no need for dad's and granddad's millions.

I may be a simpleton, but it would appear to me that once you accept a system of hereditary wealth the whole "level playing field" thing goes out the window. Maybe I just need to get out my picture of Milton Friedman and pray harder.