I'm currently indisposed. Fear not; I've been saving this "Here, read this instead" link for just such a moment. It's not the most insightful thing you'll ever read, but it sure is fun. And how can you top a title like "Supply Side Jesus and the Death of Shame?"

And while all this fuss and feathers was taking place, this: Senator Ted Cruz, who with each passing day appears more and more to be the likely product of a test-tube combination between a dented egg from Phyllis Schlafly and the weakest sperm Joe McCarthy ever produced, hates the very idea of socialized medicine. He did that little faux-filibuster to tell you about it.


Their greatest strength, for years and years, has been their utter lack of shame. Their ability to say or do anything, and hypocrisy take the hindmost, has vaulted them into the position they hold today in American politics.

That's Mr. William Rivers Pitt. No idea who he is, but if he makes a habit of this I will have to seek him out.