Here's a collection of things to speed you through your Friday.

1. From the "right in Ed's wheelhouse" files, here is a gallery of deteriorating but still staggering Soviet-era space murals in Kazakhstan. Nature seems to be well on the way to reclaiming some of them, which is a damn shame (click to embiggen).


By the way, the link is to Esquire Kazakhstan. So I guess Esquire Kazakhstan is a thing.

2. Speaking of galleries, photographer Klaus Pichler has a haunting series of photos of "cosplay" aficionados doing mundane activities in full costume. It's a combination of endearing and creepy that makes it hard to tear your eyes away.

Just the two of us, Klaus Pichler, 2013

If you're not sure how to feel about that, join the club.

3. If you're interested in cryptography (particularly during WWII) and/or the history of computing, Bletchley Park is putting its entire archives up online slowly but surely. Is it still OK to find this stuff interesting now that electronic surveillance is a way of life?

4. The newest orders for Boeing 787s and Airbus A330s – two long range airliners used primarily for transatlantic flights and trunk routes in Asia – are for ten-across coach seating. The standard for the past few years has been nine-across for widebody airliners of this type. How will they make the transition from nine to ten? Well obviously they're just going to make the seats even more miserable. The new coach seats will be an incomprehensibly awful 16.7" wide. I am quite narrow by American standards, and I am still shuddering at the idea of sitting in one of those fucking things for 10 hours. Grab a measuring tape and look at 16.7". Then remember that these planes are used on flights that can last as long as 14 hours. It's almost an inch per hour!

On the bright side, air travel is rapidly becoming unaffordable anyway so there's no point in worrying.