For a long time I've thought I might be half-decent at making comic strips, except for the fact that I can't draw. Like, at all. Not even a little. I can barely print legibly let alone draw a representation of a real physical object. And since I did not think the world needed The Adventures of Stick Figures and a Talking Square nothing has ever come of it.

Eventually I realized that while this skill is not one I possess there are many friends and acquaintances who do. So we're trying something new here today; I wrote out a pseudo-storyboard and text/dialogue and told an artist who has done some comics in the past, "Do with this what you will." Our goal was not to create visually breathtaking art, but rather to try out a different way of making the points I would otherwise make with 1000 words.

Here is, in comic form, the first ten minutes of my Intro to American Government lecture on the 1st Amendment. Since that seems to be in the news these days. I didn't draw squat; that's all on R. O'Brien ( Click to embiggen.


And with that, a Merry Christmas and happy assorted other holidays to all.