Battening down for another snow-and-ice storm and about ready to capsize from fatigue, but forgive me just one more CPAC post. The only entertaining element of that subhuman zoo at this point is watching High Brow Conservatives – who mostly would not be caught dead at such a spectacle – attempt to parse the goings-on in a very Serious analytical fashion. The effect is not unlike listening to a seventh-year grad student in Cultural Studies explain at great length why Teen Wolf is actually a brilliant film.

The American Spectator – a geriatric rag of the Old Right if ever there was one – ran this unintentionally hilarious bit about the Ann Coulter vs. Mickey Kaus "debate" on immigration. In a credulous and apparently earnest appeal, the author asks, "Where's the Debate?" Apparently he tuned into CPAC expecting a serious policy debate to take place on stage…with said stage occupied by Ann Coulter and with multiple audience members dressed in faux-Colonial Patriot garb. Perhaps it was not even enough of a giveaway that the "liberal" in the debate is Mickey Fucking Kaus; for those of you not familiar with this skidmark on the underwear of American journalism, Mickey Kaus is the fake liberal you get after Alan Colmes turned you down by claiming he had too much dignity to consider appearing.

On the plus side…

(W)hen as she did at CPAC, Coulter speaks of illegal immigrants as those who lurk in "barrels" and "Pico de gallo" trucks, and (in jest?) argues that "death squads" should pursue those who approve of amnesty, two things happen. First, the media picks reports her words with gleeful rapture. Second, conservatism’s appeal takes a major hit with floating voters.

Perhaps Matt Lewis’s tweet summed it up best. "Could you blame Hispanics for hating conservatives after watching this?"

…the GOP Minority Outreach Program continues apace.

Also, there are Pico de Gallo trucks now? What an age we live in!