If you've never lived in Wisconsin and therefore the name "Waukesha" means nothing to you, don't worry. Your state or urban area has a place just like it. It's a suburb where the whitest, most Jesus-loving upper middle class people congregate and attempt to insulate themselves from the wickedness (and darkness, wink!) of the Big City. If you hear the name of a particular locale and the first adjective that comes to mind in the free association game is "sanctimonious", that's your Waukesha.

Waukesha is Scott Walker territory, the place where everyone knows that the government is bad, Jesus is good, and the purpose of law enforcement is to keep the colored folk out. To anyone who has been there, be it once or for a lifetime, it is no surprise at all to hear that two 12 year old kids who stabbed a classmate 19 times because of something they read on the internet are going to be tried as adults. It is precisely the kind of place where everyone is so eager to prove their Tough on Crime and Personal Responsibility is #1 credentials that they would think such a thing appropriate. Never mind that the defendants are not only children, but children so naive that they would think something about a ghost on a website called "CreepyPasta Wiki" is real.

This is the kind of attitude toward crime and social issues that predominates in white America, the obviously overcompensating tough guy swagger that makes every crime a lock-and-throw-away-key offense. Judges, lawyers, and juries are unnecessary because everyone is guilty and the appropriate sentence is death or, when death cannot be plausibly argued, decades of hard labor and beatings. When the dick-measuring progresses to the point that literal children – not some 17 year old who just barely qualifies as a minor and has already established a criminal record – are being tried as adults without hesitation, most people would pause a moment or two and reflect. A reasonable person might ask a question like, "What the hell is wrong with us?" and "Can criminal agency even be established according to the law on defendants who are 12 and think ghosts are real?" But if you thought like that, you would have moved out of a place like Waukesha long ago. Or they've found some reason to lock you up.

In a community of assholes, the competition to prove oneself the biggest asshole is intense and unceasing.