No Really, We are not kidding.

Posted in Uncategorized on October 25th, 2004 by Erik

With just a little over a week remaining before we have a go at electing a president, huge quantities of people still think that George Bush is doing a fine job with whatever the hell it is he is doing in Iraq. In fact, 46% at the end of September.

At least the trend is promising….oh no wait, no its not. People are actually beginning to think that things are improving? Perhaps my complete and utter confusion will be somewhat mitigated by more polling data.

From the week Oct. 14-16.

  • 47% of people think that it was a mistake to send troops
  • 54% think that is wasn't worth going
  • 47% think that we were deliberately misled.
  • oh…. and just to top things off a bit, 42% of people seem to be under the impression that Sadaam Hussein was personally involved in the September 11th terrorist attacks.

To add some perspective, and I know that these numbers vary a lot depending on your particular poll, the Gallup poll has George Bush leading by a margin of 52% to 44%.

I feel there is no possible way I am reading this correctly. Do you see what I am saying? This actually means that there are people out there that think that it was a mistake to invade Iraq, and who in fact believe that George Bush deliberately misled us, and who aren't voting for Kerry.

Well thinks that some people need some reminder that things in Iraq are more fucked than cheap a internet cam whore.

I know we have probably all heard that over the weekend 49 unarmed Iraqi soldiers (you know, the ones we are training to take our place) were executed by insurgents. There is no joke here, this is just sad.

However, another pathetic story that is not being widely covered has shown up in the New York Times today. Yes, I know they are all fucking liberal communist terrorists over there and we ought not trust a word out of their mouths, but who knows. They might be on to something here

" The Iraqi interim government has warned the United States and international nuclear inspectors that nearly 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives – used to demolish buildings, make missile warheads and detonate nuclear weapons – are missing from one of Iraq's most sensitive former military installations."

Just in case you didn't read that correctly, I will type it again, 380 tons of explosives. And yes, apparently somebody just walked off with them- possibly concealing them beneath a trenchcoat or something. How else could they have gotten past the American guards with 380 TONS of explosives?

Oh wait, nevermind, we weren't guarding it. I suppose that it is because we were unaware that it existed until after the weapons were gone. Nope, we have known about this facility since the mid 80's.

How does George Bush feel about this? Who knows? It is apparently unclear whether or not anyone even bothered to tell him.

I guess this doesn't matter to the 46% of people who think that the war is going Very Well/Moderately Well.

Have fun November 2nd!


Posted in Uncategorized on October 25th, 2004 by Ed

If you're like us, the World Series is about as interesting as tap water to you. But America's flagging national pastime has been reinvigorated by Taco Bell's vow to give away 280,000,000 tacos if a promotional target is hit with a home run ball.

Yes, if this 12'x12' target is hit, every person in the United States will get a free taco. Mind you, it is 144 square feet and placed 420 feet from home plate, so it would take a great but not unfeasible shot to hit it.

Hit one here, boys. These orphans ain't gonna feed themselves.

While it may initially seem like Taco Bell stands to take a financial beating with this promotion (it's reminiscent of the Simpson's episode with the free Krusty Burgers for American Olympic winners after the Soviets boycott the games), fear not. The company has taken out an insurance policy to provide financial compensation in the event that they must give away 280,000,000 tacos.

I don't know about you, but tonight I will sleep well knowing that taco insurance not only exists but is in use.