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Whaaaat! Awesome new t-shirts for 2018 featuring great designs (by Chloe Hoeg) front and back. These are available in Unisex/Men's Canvas brand crewneck, or Women's Canvas crewneck. If you have bought shirts previously, these are the same brands and sizes I always use, except the women's shirt is crewneck instead of v-neck this time.
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Small through XXL available in either men's or women's. Please email a special request for XS or 3XL and I'll see what I can do.
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4XL not available. Canvas 6001 and 6004 sizing charts here.

If you are a $25 patreon subscriber, DO NOT ORDER – YOU'RE ALREADY GETTING ONE!

Quality screenprinting by Screenin' Fever. Shirts are in my hands May 18-20, and will be in the mail to you immediately upon arrival. Click image to enlarge front, rear, and mockup designs.

International shipping has gotten very expensive and I apologize.
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US shipping is $4. All non-US orders including Canada must order using the International button below.
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Domestic US orders

Sizes and Options

International (non-US) orders

Sizes and Options

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