About gin and tacos

Ginandtacos.com began many years ago as a poorly organized set of questionably funny, totally irrelevant jokes among three friends. If you search deeply enough into the archives, you'll see some contributions from Erik M. (last known whereabouts: Tristan da Cunha) and Mike K., now at No Arts No Letters. Mike lives in San Francisco and makes lots of money doing something Ed only loosely understands.
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But along the way Ed dove head-first into the blogging format and made ginandtacos his purpose in life.

So what is this thing? It's your one-stop shop for political bile, social commentary, and jokes about pants-shitting. Try getting that at DailyKos. I swear a lot and I'm really mean to certain public figures and viewpoints. That might bother you. If so, you can choose to disagree with me in the comments or simply leave.

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This website is not affiliated with my day job, the University, or anything that binds me to a code of conduct. I pay for it out-of-pocket so I can have one place in this world in which I don't have to be polite, be "objective" (the media-bastardized version wherein we're supposed to pretend that every viewpoint is equally valid), or put up with stupidity. I have a job that requires me to do all of those things in spades. This is where I get to act like Ed, not Ed the Government Employee.

Courtney of Mitchco Industries re-designed this webpage, including making the switch from MoveableType (which can teabag me) to WordPress. You might even consider her the ginandtacos webmistress. She did all this damn work for free and cannot be thanked enough.

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If there is one immutable fact about the universe it is that great big lesbians love Ed and do incredibly nice things for him. It is probably because he dresses like a lesbian.

Please enjoy, please comment, and please spread the word.

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