About Ed

Ed is ginandtacos. He wrote this about himself in the third person – like Bob Dole, except he used both hands.

Too soon?

Ed is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at Midwestern Liberal Arts University after receiving his Ph.D. in political science from Giant Midwestern Public University and teaching for three years at Giant Southern Public University. He teaches Intro to American Government, Public Opinion, Elections, and The Presidency to a select group of very lucky boys and girls each semester. His academic research studies the spatial and geographic context of political behavior – partisanship, turnout, and public opinion. He also performs stand-up comedy on the regular and plays/played drums in a band called Tremendous Fucking. Like every band on the planet, they have a MySpace. It is highly recommended that you buy their latest album off of iTunes in order to get into heaven. Sometimes he stands on a stage and tells jokes as well, inasmuch as scathing social criticism can be described as a joke.

Like many Americans now between the ages of 21 and 40, Ed was raised in a household in which Ronald Reagan was worshipped more fervently than Jesus, Santa, and Carl Weathers combined. One of his first clear memories is being taken to a Reagan/Bush 84 campaign event in the old Chicago Stadium, the highlight of which (bear in mind, we're talking about a 5 year old) was Reagan's entrance atop a fire engine. Accordingly, Teenage Ed was a well-read, viciously conservative little bastard, the ruiner of many an otherwise good time. Then one day in 1998 something snapped and he realized that A) he gave a flying shit about people other than himself and B) making a lot of money in order to emulate the miserable lives of our parents was not all that appealing. That's when things got a lot more tolerable for everyone involved.

Basically, his goal in life (and this blog, in case they're not one and the same) is to channel Bill Hicks, Mark Twain, Carl Jung, and Mencken. Albeit without the virulent racism in Mencken's case.

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4 thoughts on “About Ed”

  • Charles Karubian says:

    Ed, your “Gin And Tacos, 2016” bumper sticker is the only bumper sticker that I’ve ever affixed to any car I’ve owned. Auto detailers have tried to buff it away, but they’ve never succeeded.

    Now, my car is dying. Can I buy another, to affix to my next? That sticker will never go out of style.


  • You should man up and disclose to your followers that before you chose to troll me and invite harassment harass me because you didn’t like my responses, you selectively images certain responses then deleted them from your thread and then blocked me to impede my ability to respond. Unfortunately the trolls you unleashed on me and my children who I now have to block in my profile are now harassing me can’t see that nor do they probably care. How very Trumpian of you “Dr. Ed.” #BeBesy By the way, I’m a 51 YO woman since women’s age seems to matter to you. And since you’ve chosen to become a troll and social media harrasser, I can’t provide you with my email to further discuss. The “worst” of social media indeed.

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