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Ed is ginandtacos. He wrote this about himself in the third person – like Bob Dole, except he used both hands.

Too soon?

Ed is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at Midwestern Liberal Arts University after receiving his Ph.D. in political science from Giant Midwestern Public University and teaching for three years at Giant Southern Public University. He teaches Intro to American Government, Public Opinion, Elections, and The Presidency to a select group of very lucky boys and girls each semester. His academic research studies the spatial and geographic context of political behavior – partisanship, turnout, and public opinion. He also performs stand-up comedy on the regular and plays/played drums in a band called Tremendous Fucking. Like every band on the planet, they have a MySpace. It is highly recommended that you buy their latest album off of iTunes in order to get into heaven.

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Sometimes he stands on a stage and tells jokes as well, inasmuch as scathing social criticism can be described as a joke.

Like many Americans now between the ages of 21 and 40, Ed was raised in a household in which Ronald Reagan was worshipped more fervently than Jesus, Santa, and Carl Weathers combined. One of his first clear memories is being taken to a Reagan/Bush 84 campaign event in the old Chicago Stadium, the highlight of which (bear in mind, we're talking about a 5 year old) was Reagan's entrance atop a fire engine.

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Accordingly, Teenage Ed was a well-read, viciously conservative little bastard, the ruiner of many an otherwise good time. Then one day in 1998 something snapped and he realized that A) he gave a flying shit about people other than himself and B) making a lot of money in order to emulate the miserable lives of our parents was not all that appealing.

That's when things got a lot more tolerable for everyone involved.

Basically, his goal in life (and this blog, in case they're not one and the same) is to channel Bill Hicks, Mark Twain, Carl Jung, and Mencken. Albeit without the virulent racism in Mencken's case.

25 thoughts on “About Ed”

  • Charles Karubian says:

    Ed, your “Gin And Tacos, 2016” bumper sticker is the only bumper sticker that I’ve ever affixed to any car I’ve owned. Auto detailers have tried to buff it away, but they’ve never succeeded.

    Now, my car is dying. Can I buy another, to affix to my next? That sticker will never go out of style.


  • You should man up and disclose to your followers that before you chose to troll me and invite harassment harass me because you didn’t like my responses, you selectively images certain responses then deleted them from your thread and then blocked me to impede my ability to respond. Unfortunately the trolls you unleashed on me and my children who I now have to block in my profile are now harassing me can’t see that nor do they probably care. How very Trumpian of you “Dr. Ed.” #BeBesy By the way, I’m a 51 YO woman since women’s age seems to matter to you. And since you’ve chosen to become a troll and social media harrasser, I can’t provide you with my email to further discuss. The “worst” of social media indeed.

  • It is not difficult to see from your self-described timeline what has happened. Your parents gave their best effort to raise a productive, well-informed, reasonable member of society. But at nineteen, you jumped oh so eagerly onto the conveyor belt of the liberal machine called university (no doubt on your parent's dime). Your mind systematically sanitized of anything reasonable or rational; replaced with socialist, progressive drivel mixed in with something roughly resembling an education. You exited the machine many years later believing you somehow changed of your own volition; that you and you alone are responsible for what you now pass off as 'critical thinking' or 'original thought.' In reality you're no more than a cultural Marxist, regurgitating the same mindless drivel that has infected every other socialist nation like a slow seeping poison. You've become the punchline of a pathetic joke you no longer understand. Your own creators refer to your ilk as 'useful idiots'–no less the puppet than the robotic-looking caricatures in your backdrop. And if you ever do achieve this 'progressive nirvana' you seem to long for and labor after, you will be discarded like yesterday's newspaper, having become no further use to them. Your own disillusionment, and the disillusionment of all future Marxists you're helping to churn out, will be epic.

  • Philip French says:

    Hey Ed,

    I just had an epiphany that could ruin gerrymandering altogether. Create a movement where all Democrats, independents and whoever hold their nose and register as Republicans. It would ruin their ability to create districts altogether and make gerrymandering useless, especially in purple areas. In addition it would ruin their database for spending money, spread it out too thin. Could this work? Especially in highly contested and gerrymandered areas?

  • Ed, man, enjoyed your latest article on the election. But…

    Is that link to your MySpace a joke or has this page just not been updated in years?

  • I used to know you on the moc/lnc boards and you were one of my favorite people. Not surprised this is how you've ended up!

  • Are you leaving academics too soon, or just in time?

    Former House Speaker Paul Ryan to teach about U.S. government, political polarization at Notre Dame – Devi Shastri, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    Published 2:06 p.m. CT April 16, 2019 | Updated 3:14 p.m. CT April 16, 2019

  • marten alex says:

    I am interested in writing a guest post for your blog. Are you currently accepting guest posts?

  • Ed, nice blog! Re "WE FUCKIN' STOLE IT, MAN", I think another aspect to that quote goes directly to what makes Life Aquatic such a brilliant film: the acceptance of middle age with its need to just let "stuff" go. How Anderson and Baumbach, in their mid'late 30's understood this is a mystery to me but they certainly captured it perfectly. Best, Mike.

  • Ed,
    You should point out that there is advertising on the sleeve of your T shirts, I would'nt have bought the bloody thing if I knew.
    And no, I dont want a refund.

  • Marge Mostyn says:

    Is this one of my favorite math students turned political.
    Proud of you for using your intelligence to promote and inform people.

    Mrs. Mostyn

    PS. Are you still a math whiz?

  • Dear Ed,

    I noticed your facebook post today and thought "I love gin AND tacos, this page must be for me." I went to your facebook page. It was. Then I saw that I could visit your website and it was, even more so. I'm a child of hippies but my dad "smartly" joined the USAF in 1976 to get good tech training without going to war and then got a job in the military industrial complex in 1980 so I can relate to the Reagan worshiping childhood. My epiphany was a bit sooner (I'm also a bit older -1972) but I can relate to much of your musings and find your writing insightful and entertaining so I think I'll follow for a while and see where this takes us. Just wanted to check in and say thanks for doing what you do. — Positively, Your New Fan.

  • I don't know why but I always assumed Gin and Tacos had a gf. This bio however suggests otherwise.. Does anyone know Ed's current relationship status? Asking for a friend.

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