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The comment policy is that you should make comments. I've yet to encounter a situation in which the comments needed to be policed, but in theory I will delete things that I consider wildly inappropriate. Trust me, you'd have to go pretty far to qualify. If your comment does not appear immediately it has been sent to moderation, which happens only when the comment includes a link or in-text URL.

If you say something really stupid, someone is probably going to be mean to you. Usage of the term "someone" is a weak effort to depersonalize the fact that I am probably going to be mean to you in these instances.

Repetitive and/or irritating trolls will be added to the spam filter. Sorry. Unlike the rest of my professional and academic life, this website is a place in which I don't have to suffer stupidity.

6 thoughts on “Comment policy”

  • Arthur Kennedy says:

    Anyone who believes that Roseanne, who hired Wanda Sykes, can be a racist homophobe clearly lives outside my logic bubble.

    Can she talk/tweet like one, and be obnoxious in general . Yup. Reminds me of me.

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  • Can you do a Venn diagram of the people who argue that abortion is “wrong” and the people whose “solution” to requests for better employer support for parents is to “not have more kids than they can afford”? Because I promise it’s a single overlapping circle…

  • Zoey Brookshire says:

    Ed, I think you would be an interesting read bu the graphics on ginandtacos are too distracting. Is there a way to read this site without them?

  • Ed:

    Somebody jacked my nym and is saying things that aren't things I'd say,


    "Too many cocks? You can never have too many cocks! I wish I were surrounded 24/7 and by 360 degrees by cocks! Large,small,smooth and prickly! Give me cocks! I love the cocks!!!""

    Is not something I would say.

    You don't owe me shit, but that sort of thing is poisonous on a blog.

  • Actually, Demo, toss in some specifically leftist juvenilia, and that does indeed read like one of your typical offerings.

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