Posted in Rants on August 6th, 2007 by Ed

So the medical community is convinced I have the Hanta virus or meningitis. I confess that I've always wondered how I'd feel after hearing the phrase "We're not sure if you have the Hanta virus or meningitis" uttered in reference to me. As it turns out, it did not make me happy and I wished I hadn't heard it. But by then it was too late to prevent it.

Two updates on two stories, one very old and one very recent:

1. 2005 Ginandtacos Cocksucker of the Year Dennis Miller is now a Fox News contributor. If there is any more telling sign that someone has lost all credibility, I don't know what it is. Most semi-respectable right-wing commentators can hold down a job as "Token Republican" on CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc. But when one is so desperate for a paycheck that he or she becomes another right-wing parrot on the Jerry Springer of journalism, well, that's a good sign that you're out of options. Get a nasty letter from the IRS, Dennis?

2. Looks like the recent experiment has made (a portion of) California come to its senses about Electro-Mechanical Fraud Boxes. They won't be used in LA County. Well that's a darn shame. They're just so efficient!