Just a collection of good Sunday-before-the-Sunday-before Election Day reads.

David Frum continues the drumbeat of right-wingers abandoning ship with a semi-impassioned plea for the GOP to forget about McCain and focus on other electoral goals (WaPo, "Sorry, Senator. Let's Salvage What We Can.")

David Brooks says something semi-intelligent, although I wonder if he really believes that 2008 is when the GOP "Ceded the Center" (NYT). I'd say that happened circa 1980, Davey.

The Anchorage Daily News damns Palin with faint praise while endorsing Obama for President.

Mark Steyn, the guy who wrote that best-selling book about how we oughta be terrified that the brown Islamic hordes of brown brown people are fuckin' faster than whitey, lets loose a scattershot sampler of every last-ditch right-wing scare tactic in "Point of No Return" (National Review Online). Note how he, like Reagan often did, quotes Calvin Coolidge, that fiscal sage who greased the skids of America's bobsled ride to total economic collapse.

Bill Kristol decides that Palin didn't fail, she was failed by the McCain campaign. Those knuckleheads simply neglected to properly utilize the powerful asset that is Governor Know-Nothing.